LORATADINE (Claritin): What is used for?

What is Loratadine?

Loratadine is an active ingredient used for allergy treatments and urticaria. 

The brand names of Loratadine in United States are: Claritin, Alavert.

Mechanism of action (MOA) of Loratadine

Tricyclic antihistamine with selective activity on peripheral H1 receptors.

Therapeutic indications, uses and benefits

Symptomatic and temporary relief of allergic processes by pollen, domestic animals, dust or other agents. Symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis and chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Loratadine Dosage

Adults and children > 12 years: 10 mg, 1 time/day. Children 2-12 years (< 6 years under medical supervision), with body weight > 30 kg: 10 mg, 1 time/day; with body weight ≤ 30 kg: 5 mg, 1 time/day.
Severe liver failure: lowest initial dose (as indicated, every other day).

Method of administration

It can be taken independently of meals.



Warnings and Precautions 

Severe liver failure. Evaluate clinical situation if symptoms persist or worsen after 7 days of treatment.
Administer only in children < 6 years under medical supervision. Children < 2 years safety/efficacy not established.

Liver failure

Caution in severe liver failure, lowest initial dose (as indicated, alternating days).


Possible increased level with increased adverse reactions with: CYP3A4 or CYP2D6 inhibitors.
Lab: false – in skin tests for preventing or decreasing the dermal reaction (suspend min. 48 h before).


Not recommended. It does not have teratogenic effects in animals, its safety has not been established.


This medicine and its active metabolite are excreted in breast milk, so its administration in lactating women is not recommended.

Effects on driving ability

In clinical trials evaluating driving ability, there was no decrease in driving ability in patients receiving this medicine. However, patients should be informed that very rarely, some people experience drowsiness, which may affect their ability to drive or use machines.

Adverse reactions and side effects of Loratadine

Children 2-12 years: headache, nervousness, tiredness.
Adults: drowsiness, headache, increased appetite, insomnia. Also: weight gain in children.


Source: The content of this active ingredient has been written taking into account the clinical and molecular information of all medicines authorised and marketed in the United States under the Unique Ingredient Identifier (UNII) by the Substance Registration System (SRS) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

In order to know in detail the information authorized by the FDA for each drug, you should consult the corresponding medication guide authorized by the FDA.


PubChem CID: 3957
NCI Thesaurus: C29162

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